Same guys, different apps

For as long as I have been on my online dating journey, I have used a multitude of applications. I have swiped right on so many and left on more than half. But every time I open a new app hoping to see new faces, I realize, I’ve matched with the same guy before on a different app. Is everybody still single and in the same rut as I am, or are their multiple profiles for every person who has ever signed up?

I should probably take it as I hint when I’ve matched with the same person on multiple platforms (and I have but thats for later) that we should meet up IRL and give it a shot. But I have yet to do it and I don’t know why. I have to ask myself, do they sign up for these apps out of boredom, which is how I started, or because they are really trying to meet someone?

The dating pool seems so small when I see the same faces pop up and so I begin to question what is it about me that makes men either swipe right or swipe left. And how many of the same guys have had different responses on these apps. What is I get swiped right on app A but swiped left on app B. What changed? I know that when I swipe right on a guy in app A, I usually swipe right in app B. Consistency is key; is it not? If you show enough interest should they get the hint? I seem to think so but it isn’t the case.

I hate to assume that we are all in the same dating rut since I don’t know these men or their stories. They could have forgotten to delete their profile for all I know. Maybe I should go to a new city and get some fresh faces, that way my dating pool will be bigger. Like they say, everything in Texas is bigger….except the dating pool, where it seems to be getting smaller.


5 thoughts on “Same guys, different apps”

  1. So, I live in a regional city and I totally get this! The pool is SMALL. I would constantly swipe through all the available people on Tinder. Ugh. Thank god I found a good guy on there.


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